Blend in with other softwares

Since NakedMarkets is a new software and other Backtesting softwares are already in place, we wanted to blend in with the most popular tools.

NakedMarkets aim is to interface seemlessly with these software in order to give the choice to the user.

This way, the users can design their system graphically with NakedMarkets and trade it with Metatrader, without additional effort, for example. Or we can welcome new customers coming from Forextester world without letting them lose their previous custom strategies or indicators.

In addition, we provide an API for programmers who want to design custom strategies or indicators. This API rely on .NET Framework, allowing the use of modern and efficient programming languages.

Application Programming Interface

In case you want to design your own trading strategy or indicator programmatically, NakedMarkets provides an API (Application Programming Interface) for that.

This API is designed to be easy and fast to handle. Thus, the available programming languages rely on the .NET Framework :

  • C#
  • F#
  • Visual Basic
These languages are easy to learn and efficient to use. They benefit from a comfortable and handy coding environments like Visual Studio.
This IDE is free, largely supported by the .NET community and has plenty of available plugins. It integrates natively the syntax highlighting and the auto-complete feature, saving a lot of time when coding your own trading systems or indicators.
However, if you prefer to use your old Forextester workflow to design strategies and indicators, you can still use Delphi or C++ languages since NakedMarkets is compatible with Forextester.
This API is currently under development and will be released soon, according to the NakedMarkets roadmap.

TradingView and Metatrader Graphical User Interfaces

NakedMarkets wants to offer the best of each popular live trading sofware.

That’s why the user can choose between 2 different Graphical User Interfaces :

  • TradingView look&feel
  • Metatrader look&feel


Thus, you don’t need to adapt to a new tool. By choosing one of the 2 main trading tool interfaces, you will benefit from the same experience, the same graphical layer, the same shortcuts, and the same workflow.


Metatrader interfaces

Since Metatrader is a Trading terminal broadly installed and used across the world, we wanted to be compatible with it.

The Rule Manager can export your trading strategy to the MQL4 format. Thus, it’s possible to trade the system you designed with NakedMarkets, through the Rule Manager, under Metatrader.

Moreover, we are working on the importation of MQL4 strategies and indicators into NakedMarkets. This will allow the use of custom indicators under NakedMarkets.

These features are currently under development and will be released soon, according to the NakedMarkets roadmap.

Forextester interfaces

Since Forextester is a historical actor in the backtesting software industry, it’s important to permit the users to reuse their strategies and indicators.

That’s why, we designed an interface which is compatible with Forextester components and API. Currently, NakedMarkets can import :

  • The Forextester strategies
  • The Forextester indicators


By using NakedMarkets, you will not lose the previous work you did with Forextester. Our software is compatible with all versions of Forextester.

All you need to do is copy the DLL files in the NakedMarkets related folders.

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