Simulate the Markets

NakedMarkets simulates the Financial Markets behavior as realistic as possible.


We can see a Backtesting software as a sandbox, giving you the opportunity to test,  check, tweak, train. If you’re not able to earn virtual money with NakedMarkets, don’t expect to earn real money on live Markets.


Backtesting softwares are the best investment to become sucessful in the Financial Markets, compared to all scam training courses, flooding this industry. Being honest with yourself, you can trade historical data as if you were live trading and become stronger.

Market orders

As any standard backtesting software, NakedMarkets allows the user to set all kinds of orders :

  • Buy/Sell Instant Market orders
  • Buy/Sell Pending limit orders
  • Buy/Sell Pending stop orders

Every opened positions on the Markets has its own properties, such as :


By default, NakedMarkets benefits from ~50 indicators. These are standard Markets indicators (trends, oscillators, volatility, …).

The software allows the import of indicators from other software as exposed on the Interface page. Or you can design your own personal indicator through the API.

If you think there are missing important indicators in NakedMarkets, we can add them natively if needed.

Risk management

Proper risk management is crucial when trading the Financial Markets.

NakedMarkets offers the possibility to calculate automatically the lot size to speed up your backtesting and manage the risk exposure properly.

Once a stoploss is set, you can type the desired percentage risk per position. The software will display the related risk, as well, if you choose to set the lot size manually.

Hence, you always know how many percentage of your capital is at risk when entering the Markets.

Graphical tools

In the same way as for other standard backtesting features, NakedMarkets provides graphical tools to highlight Price movement, such as :

  • Trendlines
  • Rectangle/Ellipse/Triangle
  • Icon and text labels
  • Fibonacci retracement
  • Risk/Reward tool


Charts can be customized graphically as well, based on Metatrader design patterns and templates.

Once more, specific graphical tools can be added in NakedMarkets on request.


The native Timeframes available are :

  • M1
  • M5
  • M15
  • M30
  • H1
  • H4
  • D1
  • W1
  • MN


Moreover, it’s possible to add custom Timeframes in the Data Center to suit the needs of your trading system.

News trading

The software provides all the news events if you want to take in account these information in a trading system.


This feature displays the data related to the currency, the impact and the values released by major institutions. This can help to design a dedicated profitable strategy or to avoid these events when important market moves occur.


All these news can be filtered to help focusing on the most impactful events. Several criteria can be selected : Currency, Impact or keywords in news label.