You are not alone

NakedMarkets is not only a software but a community as well. Since the trading activity can be a lonely task, it’s always interesting to share ideas and performance. The forum can help you to share these ideas and backtest results.

For us, it’s very important to take in account the user needs. That’s why, we suggest you to post feature requests if you want a new functionality in NakedMarkets. You can send us your new feature ideas by email or by posting on the forum.

NakedMarkets has been designed with Backtests sharing in mind. It offers the possibility to share your performance to prove the reliability of your trading system to another traders or to simply illustrate your innovative trading ideas.

Share your backtests and statistics

In the Financial industry, it’s easy and popular to claim good performance for trading strategies and related Backtests.

However, no product in the industry currently allows the users to check properly the efficiency and reliability of Backtests performance. That’s why we designed NakedMarkets to import and export every Backtest and Statistics file.

Hence, by importing the BKT file of another trader, you can check yourself every single trade and all the detailed statistics. The import process considers the dependency issue by automatically installing the missing Symbols and Rules.

Furthermore, this is a great way to learn from another trader, by checking and analysing each of his positions on the Markets.

You can even share your statistics on Internet with people who are not using our software.

Contribute to improve NakedMarkets

NakedMarkets is a Backtesting software aimed to fit the traders needs. So it’s vital for us to ensure that users have a product they can use as they want.

For that, we are always seeking to improve NakedMarkets by adding new features or enhance some of them.

We’ll do our best to design this new feature, in reasonable time, in accordance with other users feature requests.

By doing this, we improve NakedMarkets according to your needs but for anybody else, as well. Every other users will be able to profit from your feature idea.

So, don’t hesitate to request news features either by :

  • Sending an email to
  • Posting a feature request on the forum


Since transparency is our priority, you will be able to check the follow-up of the feature requests on the forum.