NakedMarkets - Backtesting software

Better, Faster, Stronger

NakedMarkets is a backtesting software allowing to design and test plenty of investment strategies on the historical financial markets.

A lot of traders start by trading real money on their broker accounts. The statistics show that more than 9 traders out of 10 lose their money. The main reason of this fact is that they are not properly prepared and they may not yet know how the Markets behave.

By simulating the Financial Markets, NakedMarkets allows you to test any kind of investment strategy in a safe environment. Thus, you will not lose any money but rather gain experience of the Markets. This experience is crucial to become successful.

Just like every other activities (sport, art or music), where you want to become expert, you have to train yourself before going to a competition. NakedMarkets is aimed to train yourself before risking real money on the Markets.

Only the Game, can teach you the Game

NakedMarkets is aimed to fit the needs of every trader profiles :

  • Beginner traders, who want to learn how to tame the volatile Financial Markets
  • Intermediate traders, who are stuck in the breakeven step and intend to earn money consistently on the Financial Markets
  • Experienced traders, who seek for an environment to assess the reliability of their new trading system