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NakedMarkets provides the possibility to backtest systems by taking in account the release of news events in the world.
These news can dramatically change the value of the underlying traded assets, depending on their impact. By including this fact in a trading strategy, it's possible to profit from it or to avoid trading during these special moments.
The news data is starting from 2007, due to the lack of previous available news data.

News display on chart

By default, the news are not displayed on the charts. But it can be activated by clicking on "show news events" of the chart properties window.
This configuration can be saved in a chart template.
The news will be displayed at the bottom of the chart :


The user can click on each news to see the details. It's important to note that the news icon can aggregate several different news in order to suit the display. By choosing a lower timeframe, it's possible to display them independently.
The actual value will be set to "upcoming" when the news has not yet been released.
When the news is released the actual value will be displayed with a color depending of the positive aspect of the news. Green for positive impact, red for negative impact.

Overall news list

The complete news list can be seen in the News tab of the terminal panel.
It allows to track the next upcoming news by using the "Sync with date" checkbox.

News filtering

The display of the news can be filtered by applying some critera. This can be done in the News tab of the terminal panel.
These filters will be applied to the overall news list and to all charts.

News data update

The news data can be updated in the Data Center by simply clicking on the update button.