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This menu in the User Settings is used to customize the interface and backtest properties. It's possible to change the data folder as well, if you want to store different brokers historical data.


Interface management

Use sticky mode
If this option is activated, the software will try to find the nearest candle value when creating a Graphical object. For example, if the user draws a trend line, it will stick to the closest candle in order to fit the shape.

Display performance during backtest
If this option is activated, the Backtest balance and performance will be displayed in the main form (Profit/Loss and balance). This can be deactivated if the user does not want to see his current performance during the backtesting process.

Default chart template
It's possible to select the default template, which will be used by the software when a new chart is opened.

Backtest management

Load backtest at startup
When activating this option, NakedMarkets will automatically load the last used backtest during the startup. It allows to save time when launching the software and using the same Backtest file.

Risk per trade calculation mode
NakedMarkets allows the user to set automatically the lot size related to the risk when creating a new order. The risk calculation can be done by taking in account the balance or the equity of the account.

Data management

The data folder can be changed in order to avoid storing important amount of data on the same disk or partition where the software is installed. Furthermore, this allows the user to manipulate multiple data folders coming from different brokers, as an example.