Random thoughts

[Archive Post] Originally posted the July, 8 2019.

Post about the randomness factor of the Financial Markets.

Price structures

[Archive Post] Originally posted the February, 12 2017.

Post about the interesting price structures which could lead to efficient trading setups.

Scam-o-meter on track record

[Archive Post] Originally posted the January, 9 2017.

Post about the obvious ways to assess the strength and reliability of trading strategies performance.

Stop your loss

[Archive Post] Originally posted the September, 7 2015.

Post about the importance of setting a stop loss to every Market orders in order to handle the risk.

The Beauty of the Pip

[Archive Post] Originally posted the July, 23 2015.

Post about the Pips counting fashion which does not illustrate anything when assessing a trading system.

Timing is everything

[Archive Post] Originally posted July, 9 2015.

Post about the timing factor related to the trading decisions.

How much drawdown can you endure ?

[Archive Post] Originally posted June, 17 2015.

Post about the importance of being able to endure the amount of drawdown to trade successfully.