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The strategies are trading systems defined programmatically by the user.
In order to design this kind of automated trading strategy, it's necessary to develop it by interacting with the NakedMarkets API, with one of the following languages : C#, F#, VB, C++ or Delphi.
The designed strategy will take the form of a .DLL file, which can be stored in the "Strategies" folder in the installation directory.

Listing and editing strategies

It's possible to list all the installed strategies by using the menu "Tools", on the main interface, and clicking on "Strategies list".


Then, the user can edit the parameters of the strategy by double-clicking on it or by clicking on the Parameters button :


Adding strategies

After having developed and compiled your own strategy into a DLL file, you can install it by storing it in the "Strategies" folder in the installation directory.
NakedMarkets needs to be restarted to be able to see the new strategy in the list.

Developing strategies

Native API

This feature is currently under development as stated in the NakedMarkets roadmap.
The native NakedMarkets API will be able to simply design your own strategy with the efficient following .NET languages : C#, F# and VB.

Forextester-compatible API

NakedMarkets is compatible with Forextester API and allows the user to store the Forextester-generated files in the "Strategies" folder to be able to use them.
In order to develop a Forextester-compatible strategy, we advise you to follow the editor guidelines. The following outdated and complex following languages can be used for that : C++ and Delphi.