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The Rule Manager is the main Naked Markets component aimed to define the rules. These rules can be used to help the user to enter, exit and pause the Backtest automatically. It's possible to define the way the user can enter the market under certain conditions relating to the Order type, exit the market relating to the market conditions and pause the backtest depending on the market state.

Moreover, you can define a complete Trading System by defining entries, exits and setups rules. Thus, depending on the market conditions you are seeking, Naked Markets can automatically enter and exits the Markets.

Rule Manager introduction

The Rule Manager displays the current editing Rule on the main pane on the center left.
On the top-right corner, you can find all the Default Rules provided by the software.
On the bottom-right corner, you can find all the User Rules, created and maintained by the user.
On the bottom-left, you can create a new Rule or save it.


Rules management

The Rule Manager is aimed to define and maintain all Rules, following these two concepts :

  • User Rules : The Rules created by the user to define automatic ways of pausing the Backtest, entering/exiting the Market, trading the Markets.
  • Default Rules : The native Rules included in Naked Markets. These Rules provide access to the Market data, to the orders, to specific Price patterns/breakouts, ...