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This page has the goal to assist you during the installation process of NakedMarkets

Step 1 : Download the NakedMarkets installer here

After having downloaded the installer, you can double-click on it and authorize it to launch the installation process

Step 2 : Follow the installation Wizard

Installation Step1

Step 3 : Choose the destination folder

Installation Step1

Step 4 : Confirm the installation

Installation Step1

Step 5 : Choose the file associations and shortcuts

Installation Step1

Step 6 : Enter your license key

The license key has been delivered by email after the purchase. It's possible to copy&paste it directly in the form.

Installation Step1

How to uninstall NakedMarkets

You can uninstall NakedMarkets by going to the "Control Panel" and select "Programs and features".
By right-clicking on NakedMarkets, and selecting "uninstall", the software will uninstall automatically and ask if the user wants to keep the Backtest and data files :


If you select "No" all the data stored in the NakedMarkets folder will be deleted. Otherwise, the downloaded data, the backtests files, the rules files, the statistics files will not be deleted.