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The Naked Markets Indicators API (Application Programming Interface) allows any user to create their own indicator.
This API has been designed to make it easy to use. It is possible to code the indicators in C# or Visual Basic languages.

Several IDE (integrated development environment) can be used in order to develop your own indicator.
However, we recommend to use the most popular ones, giving their support and their community :

This API uses a naming convention close the Metatrader one. Indeed, the function names are very similar to simplify the conversion from MQL4 indicators to Naked Markets indicators.

How to create your own indicator

You can follow this tutorial video in order to easily see how to create your own indicator :

Otherwise, here is the process we advise you to follow in order to easily design your own indicator with the Naked Markets API :

  • 1°) Download Visual Studio Community Edition 2022 for free :
  • 2°) Install it and run it with any empty project (or select "continue without code")
  • 3°) Click on "Manage Extension" in the top "Extension" menu
  • 4°) Type "NakedMarkets" in the search bar to find the extension, download and install it (a Visual Studio reboot may be required)
API Indicators manage extensions.png

  • 5°) Open the Naked Markets Custom Indicator Project Template, which will now appears during the Visual Studio startup.
API Indicators template.png

  • 6°) Name the project by your indicator name
API Indicators new project.png

  • 7°) Edit the file CustomIndicator.cs in order to develop your own custom indicator.
  • 8°) Build the project (from the menu or type F6), a new DLL file will be available. Copy it in the "indicators" folder in the Naked-Markets installation directory.
  • 9°) Your new indicator will appear and can be used.

API functions definition

The complete list of all the functions used to define your own indicator is available on this dedicated page.

Naked Markets indicators source code

In order to help developers to see how the API is used, the source code of all the native indicators in Naked Markets is available on our Github repository :