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The Default Rules are the native Rules available by default in Naked Markets. These Rules allow the user to access the raw information of the prices, the time, the orders properties, the indicators, the backtest actions and the price patterns/breakouts.
These Rules can't be modified or deleted.
Depending on the category, these Rules can be Conditional Rules (ex: Bullish candle) or Value Rules (ex: Value of MACD indicator).
Default rules menu on the top-right corner of the Rule Manager:


Rules Categories

The Default Rules are organized relating to these categories :




Price value

CategoryRule Time

Time value

CategoryRule OrderModification

Order modification


Order information

CategoryRule AccountInformation

Account information

CategoryRule PricePattern

Price pattern

CategoryRule PriceBreakout

Price breakout

CategoryRule Indicators


CategoryRule Actions


The Default Rules can have parameters depending on their role.
For example, the user can specify the candle position (ex: last candle or previous candle 3) when he wants to get the close value of this candle.


It's important to notice the fact that the Default Rules list is aimed to be improved continuously.
If you need a rule or if you have a specific idea about an inexistent rule, which could be added in Naked Markets, don't hesitate to request it by email :