Is anybody there ?

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Is anybody there ?

Post by NakedChes »

Just wondering if there is anyone doing anything in admin ? I bought NM on the recommendation of someone who said that NM were helpful and responsive. I set up 3 requests in June and one in July. I was helped by another user on one of these. On another, I got horizontal and vertical mixed up and was told that the software did what I wanted; I pointed out that I'd got it wrong and have heard nothing since. On the other two, I haven't even had acknowledgement.

I wish I could get a refund. I feel really stupid for having bought the software. I feel cheated !
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Re: Is anybody there ?

Post by Khan »

Well, there is someone that's for sure but that someone is also busy answering emails, implementing new features, taking bug reports, fixing bugs, responding on the forum etc. so don't always expect a timely response.

Having said that, your experience looks out of the ordinary, therefore I'd try contacting support again since a lot of time has passed.

The software overall is pretty good, especially when compared to its biggest competitor Forex Tester (that's why most of us are here), but it has many missing features, rough edges and bugs due to the small (probably one man) team. You should always keep that in mind. If you have seen some of my feature requests and bug reports you can tell that they took a lot of my time to report them properly, which shouldn't really happen with paid software but like I said the developer is overloaded and I do what I can to be helpful.

If you are seriously displeased, then tell them why with an email to the support. I think you can still get a refund though don't quote me because I'm just a regular customer like you.
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Re: Is anybody there ?

Post by Admin »


You're asking if there is somebody here working, if you look at the recent questions/posts, you will see that we reply to them and fix the issues or add new features, in decent timeframe depending on the requests (some takes more time than others).
And if you ask to anybody if we are responsive by email, a lot of people will reply to you that yes, we are. For each new request, we reply in the next 24 hours usually and we have a lot of gratitude for that. We are more responsive by email than on the forum.

Having said that, it does not explain why we didn't reply to your requests.
As you said, you requested 4 things :
1°) RSI Stochastic here : J3rgus helped you. Thanks to him.
2°) Rule manager size window here. We did reply to you that the window can already be resized. You replied something we didn't understand : you meant vertically but you're speaking about the width and not the height. And the rule Manager can be resized horizontally and vertically. We imagined that you were mistaken with your last message.
3°) Backtest message here . This one, we should have replied to ask you more details about it because it was not very clear.
4°) Ichimoku Cloud bars here : This one, is not clear at all for us. Which bar are you talking about ? Which cloud value ? Access to what ?

Maybe, we should have replied to all of your posts, explaining why your request is not understood. But as you can see on the forum, there is a lot of user requests, with indicator conversions, bug fixing and the items on the roadmap. (we have requests by email as well).
If you look at the posts, you will see that we can take time to reply because we need time to analyze the features and see how can our effort be shared between different user requests in order to make every body happy.
Moreover, here your requests were not clear. We can adapt and take in account any user requests but it have to be clear for us to be implemented.

Now, you are saying that you feel stupid for having bought the software and you feel cheated.
We think you are very unfair here.

Because, very few software companies agree to be transparent as we are and take user requests like that with an open roadmap.
Name another software in the field, where the editor is providing a transparent roadmap and accept various user requests. Our competitors don't do it (Forextester or Fxreplay).
Additionnaly, you have not been cheated. You bought the software and it works as expected and as advertised. But, we did not take enough in account your requests compared to other customers requests. We need time and effort to implement user requests. And we need to prioritize requests.
Obviously, we are not perfect but we do our best to make every customer happy.

To sum up, we are sorry if we didn't take in account your requests but we do our best to please everybody.
But please don't overreact by telling that you feel cheated.

About the refund, you actively accepted the terms&conditions about the refund timeframe during your purchase. But since, we have no interest in letting users unpleased by our software, we could refund you exceptionnaly. But be aware that in this case, we will lose money because the timeframe has elapsed and we already paid our partners.

PS : about the bugs, we are actively working on writing a test framework to have a minimum amount of bugs. But there will always be bug, just like in any software. Our competitors have a lot a bugs, very easy to demonstrate. For information, they even have big flaws in their calculations algorithms (ie : Forextester), rendering the backtests heavily flawed in some cases.
Saying that, we are working on it, it takes time and explain why no new updates have been released now.

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Re: Is anybody there ?

Post by NakedChes »

Many thanks. I would be very grateful for a refund.
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Re: Is anybody there ?

Post by j3rgus »

1°) RSI Stochastic here : J3rgus helped you. Thanks to him.
Hello, while I am mentioned here, I will use this thread, although it is quite annoying to use this forum to post this message here.

I have been trying to reach out to one of the members in NakedMarkets via email (Denis). In the past we exchanged a few emails, but since few months the communications stopped as I have not been receiving any emails. There is still something ongoing from our previous communication that I would like to settle. Could you please forward him to me? I would be really grateful, thanks.
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