Data Quality of Naked Markets Virtual Data vs other Brokers

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Data Quality of Naked Markets Virtual Data vs other Brokers

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So in the data center, a user has the option to pick data sources from different brokers like FXCM, Alpari, Pepperstone etc. with the default option being Naked Markets virtual data. My queries are:

1.) How accurate is the forex, metals and indices DATA from Naked Markets ? When you say NakedMarkets Broker is virtual data , is it like not-real market data, but it is some randomly generated data or something? Or is the Naked Markets data sources from any real world financial market data provider? Can you please provide some details on the source and quality of this Naked Markets historical data, as it is the default option that most people will use?

2.) Other than Naked Markets which other broker provides the best quality (true) data with lowest spreads in the given choices in your software?

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Re: Data Quality of Naked Markets Virtual Data vs other Brokers

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1°) Naked Markets data is coming from other data brokers. It has been merged from other brokers data in order to have the longest and "better" data. By better we mean that some brokers can have holes in the data, Naked Markets data tends to avoid this. No, there is no random data, it's true real world financial market data glued together.
Even if it's the default option, any user can change it with only 1 click. Moreover, any user can import his own data if he wants to have the exact same data on the screen from his current broker.

2°) There is no "better" data compared to others. It's just different broker data, just like when you choose the broker for your live trading. It can have better spreads on some symbols and worse on others. But all data available is "true" and comes from different brokers, as stated with the name of the broker.

We remind you that all this data is coming from free and paying data services but we give it for free. You can even download this data for free here without purchasing our software.

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