Help with Heiken Ashi

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Help with Heiken Ashi

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I tried adding the Heiken Ashi oscillator to the chart. No matter what changes I make to the Indicator Properties (changing colour, width), I cannot get the indicator to show a fatter body and a thinner wick.

Could you provide any guidance on how to get the indicator to look correct

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Re: Help with Heiken Ashi

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Thanks for your feedback,
The HeikenAshi indicator is a special one because it prints other candles on the chart. The size of the candles were not properly calculated related to the zoom level.
It has been fixed in the latest release : viewtopic.php?t=25.

In order to use it efficiently, we advise you to :
1°) Update NakedMarkets
2°) Open a chart and set it to "Line mode"
3°) Go to chart properties windows (right-click on the chart and select "Properties"), change the color of the "Candle Up" to be the same as the background color. Like this, the line chart will be invisible.
4°) Attach the HeikenAshi indicator
5°) Save the chart template in order to load it the next time you want it

Now, you will see that the size of the HeikenAshi candles will be bigger if you zoom in.
Only the colors of the HeikenAshi indicator are considered since the size of candles is set automatically according to the zoom level.

Let us know if you need more information
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