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Re: Seconds Timeframe

Post by cdl »

I'm also interested in having the ability to use timeframes in seconds.
Thank you.
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Re: Seconds Timeframe

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In this case, this item will see its priority increase on the roadmap.
Thanks for your suggestion
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Re: Seconds Timeframe

Post by BilliLashVilli »

Hello All,
Did this custom timeframe feature, allowing for example 30s/15s timeframes, get added to the latest software?
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Re: Seconds Timeframe

Post by NakedMarkets »

It has not yet been implemented. Right now, we are achieving the TradingView interface (with Long/Short position and other tools) and hope to release the new version next week.
After that, we will be able to focus on the data side of the software, to add new rules and more timeframes (less than 1 minutes) coming from ticks data.
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