How to add/convert Indicators in NakedMarkets ?

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How to add/convert Indicators in NakedMarkets ?

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When you want to add or convert an indicator in to NakedMarkets, there are 3 options at the moment :

1°) You know how to code in the easy programming language C#
In this case, you can use the NakedMarkets API in order to convert or design your own indicator. The documentation is on the Wiki.
This can be easily done by following our guidelines and using our Visual Studio Extension. All the native indicators and the user requested indicators source code are available on our Github. Don't hesitate to check it out in order to have some help.

2°) You want to request the conversion of an indicator
In this case, you ask us to convert manually a indicator under Metatrader (MQL4/5) or Tradingview (pinescript). There is dedicated place in the forum to request conversions. The files are available on the Github after the conversion.

3°) You just want to convert it automatically
Unfortunately, you still have to wait. This feature is not done yet but is on the roadmap. Automatically convert from specific languages to others is a tedious task, so it takes time to implement this feature.
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