Best wishes for 2023

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Best wishes for 2023

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Hello everybody,

We'd like to thank every user for all their ideas and all their suggestions to improve Naked-Markets during 2022.
During the last month, we have been less active on the forum and published no new releases. The reason is that we reorganized ourselves a bit to be more reactive and publish news/updates more regularly from now. We are happy to see that the number of users, incoming requests and ideas increased significantly, so we had to adapt and change some of our organization.

From now to the end of March, we will commit ourselves to publish 1 new software update every 2 weeks at least.
We will add some topics on the forum to help users with common question, with indicator requests, ...
Of course, the roadmap will be updated and implemented during this exciting year.

Finally, we wish you a happy new 2023 year and the best for all your projects in your personal and professional lifes.
Thank you for your trust, your kind comments and your support.

Naked-Markets Team
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