Please Help with Rules

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Please Help with Rules

Post by AndyG »

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong in this rule?
The last argument in this string I am wanting to add a condition on bar 0 to limit top wick size.
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Re: Please Help with Rules

Post by NakedMarkets »

The rule you are trying to create generates an error because the operator AND (&&) can not be applied next to a double statement, as described on the error message.

If we look at your rule, we can see that the all the purple rules are well located because they are boolean rules (only true or false will be returned).
However, your blue rules (value rule, returning a number) are not all properly located.
Indeed, your "Percent Top" rule returns a number (the percent top location relating to the percent) but is included between 2 AND operators (&&). So, you have to add a value to compare it.
The other blue rules are well located and defined because they compare their values with other blue rules (close vs. open and size of body vs. size of body).

We hope this helps
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