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Fast Backtest

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Hi there,

I am really impressed with the features of this software!

I wanted to ask, when I've set up the Fast Backtest like the below, does it attach ALL of those rules (all six of them) onto the ONE chart?

In other words, do all those rules go on a single chart, and this chart is then fast backtested on a single demo account?

I would like to backtest two setup rules (long and short) on one pair, with the goal of checking which timeframe yields higher growth and lower drawdowns.

setup_rule_long + setup_rule_short tested on all these three timeframes (H1 + H4 + D1) with each timeframe to be using a different/separate demo account. I would like to view 3 different backtested account statements, one for each timeframe.

Does this make sense?

I have the below image as my fast backtest and I am unsure if it is doing what I'd like it to do, as described in the above example.

Fast Backtest.png
Fast Backtest.png (27.13 KiB) Viewed 3164 times
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Re: Fast Backtest

Post by NakedMarkets »

Thanks for your comment,
Yes, when you select multiple SETUP rules during a Fastbacktest, the software will attach them all on a single chart (in this case a selected timeframe and symbol).
It's just like you drag&dropped them on a chart manually but it is done automatically within the Fastbacktest feature.
For information, for each fastbacktest, there is no Chart processed but just a pair of timeframe and symbol, it is emulated.
Yes, it makes sense to select 2 setups rules, one for LONG and the other one for SHORT in order to have complete strategy. And then, you can select multiple timeframes to check what works best
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