[Minor] Update version 1.0.8550

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[Minor] Update version 1.0.8550

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The new release is now available, it mainly fixes bugs reported by our users.
Here is the list :
- [Bug fix] Swap calculation issue (user report on the forum)
Bug occured in some cases which did not refreshed properly the swap for all trades. The calculation of swaps has now changed. Previously, the swaps were calculated related to the number of days (nights in fact) for an order with triple swap for the night between Wednesday and Thursday (it's done historically on main brokers). Now, the swaps are just calculated related to the number of nights to simplify since not every broker calculates the swap with special days in the week in advance for the week-end.

- [Bug fix] New filter button not properly refreshed when changing Color theme (user report on the forum)

- [Bug fix] Display error when orders graphical objects were not properly indexed since the last update (user report on the forum)

- [Bug fix] Inversed color for trade outcome under the TradingView them (user report on the forum)

- [Bug fix] Cumulative $ values not properly refreshed when creating new backtest in the backtest summary tab (user report on the forum)

- [Rule Modification] Modification of the Gap Size Rule to fit the user needs (user report on the forum)
It relies now on the high/low of bars not on the open/close. It can be used with Pips rule in order to compare values.

[Edit]- [Bug fix] Instant/Pending order form crash [/Edit]

Thanks to all our users for reporting issues and suggesting new features !
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Re: [Minor] Update version 1.0.8550

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Thank you for the update!
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