[Dark/Light Themes] Update version 1.0.8538

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[Dark/Light Themes] Update version 1.0.8538

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The new release is now available, it adds some news features, the awaited Dark theme and fix bugs reported by users.

So, here is the changelog for this 1.0.8538 version :
- [Roadmap] Color Themes:
It's now possible to activate the Dark theme. You can do it by going in the Settings menu, under the "Theme" tab.
If you use the Tradingview UI Theme, you can change it by right-clicking on the chart as well.
You will see that some graphical modifications have been done in the forms and menus, this is to fit better the overall concept of Light and Dark themes.

- New core value rule (user request on the forum):
A new rule called Bar gap size returns the value of the gap between the current bar and the previous bar.
The value is returned in Pips, it is positive for a bullish gap, and negative for a bearish gap.

- Minor change for chart type button:
To change the type of chart (line, OHLC, or candles), there is only 1 button now. native Heikin Ashi charts and Renko charts are on the way.

- Important optimization to display the orders on chart:
Previously, if the backtest file had several hundreds of trades, displaying all the orders on chart could be slow. We implemented an indexation of these graphical objects in order to have a fast and responsive display now.
Important : the indexes have to be generated for new backtest files format, so it's possible that the first time you open an existing backtest file, it will be longer than usual. The next time, it will be fast. This is the same for the opened charts saved in backtest, we advise the users to close and reopen them.
Now, if you open a new chart with several hundreds of trade, you can see a loading screen (only several seconds).

- [Bug fix] Commission calculation error in very specific cases (user report on the forum) :
It's important to note, that there is no error within the growth calculation, only in the commissions in specific cases. This bug occured only for instant orders generated by pending orders in specific conditions, when commissions have been set in the symbol properties form (deactivated by default). This is an edge case, which have a minor impact (+/- 0.01% modification on growth by having commissions miscalculated).

- [Bug fix] Commission missing for partial order close (user report on the forum) :
The partial order close commissions were missing when the lot sizes were split. It occured only if commissions have been set in the symbol properties form (deactivated by default). Here, the impact is low as well.

- [Bug fix] Max exposure/floating PL refresh issue (user report on the forum)

- [Bug fix] Hovering overlapping objects in Tradingview Theme bug (user report on the forum)

- [Minor modification] Default value of editing pending orders (user report on the forum)
In the previous release, we set voluntarily the value of the lot size for editing pending orders adjusted to the risk value (cf. related user request). Since we created an automatic way to recalculate the lot size, we decided to let the current lot size value of the editing pending order.

- [Bug fix] Minor graphical glitch when reloading backtests (user report on the [viewtopic.php?t=274]forum[/url])

Thanks for reporting bugs and suggesting new features !
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Re: [Dark/Light Themes] Update version 1.0.8538

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Great job with the fixes and new features!

I've been using this version since a couple of hours and didn't see any bugs. Things that have been fixed look solid right now.

I'll make sure to report bugs.

There is only one thing I noticed, which is technically not a bug: When right clicking on an open trade in the terminal and moving SL to BE, previous version was taking commissions into account, so the trade would truly become break-even. However, this version seems to ignore commissions and BE trades result in a loss due to commissions.

I don't see a setting anywhere to change this.

Shall I make this a feature request, or a bug report? Some trading platforms allow the user to set the behavior of moving SL to BE with or without commissions and I think this is an important option for different trading strategies.
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Re: [Dark/Light Themes] Update version 1.0.8538

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Perfect, thanks Khan,
Yes, you are right. However, it's difficult to set the Stoploss to BE being a true break-even because the commissions can be applied on the close of the order. So they are not applied before the order is closed.
However we could maybe take in account the potential closing commission when setting the BE, and in this case add an option to let the user decide how the software calculates it,
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Re: [Dark/Light Themes] Update version 1.0.8538

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Yeah, just taking the commission to be paid on position close into account and moving SL to actual BE that way would solve my problem. Most brokers charge the same amount of commissions on position open and close, so calculating this shouldn't be an issue (partial closing should be taken into account though, but that is also fairly simple).

Making this an option should make everyone happy.

Thanks for the reply & happy coding!
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