Fast Backtest improvements

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Fast Backtest improvements

Post by j3rgus »

Hello, it would be nice to have the following:

* Fast Backtest result is not considered as an external statement - MAE and MFE are available.
* Intermediate result is shown periodically during processing. It happened to me few times I was waiting 20 minutes and the processing got stuck in the middle without any gathered output.
* For fast-backtested symbol a corresponding chart with trades can be open.
* When going "Back" after the Backtest is finished the last result is still stored. This could also be as a buffer keeping last X backtest were run last and can be accessed again quickly.
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Re: Fast Backtest improvements

Post by NakedMarkets »

We will analyze what can be added to the roadmap. The first and third feature can be added without problem.
Perhaps, the second one could be implemented with a pause feature. We will see for the last one.
Thanks for your suggestions
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