[BIG] Update version 1.0.8334

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[BIG] Update version 1.0.8334

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Finally, the new release is now available. It took more time than expected because we had to rewrite all the indicators.
So, here is the changelog for this 1.0.8334 version :

- [Roadmap] Implementation of the API in .NET (C# and VB)

It's now possible to code your own indicators and strategies with a simple and easy API. All indicators have been rewritten because it appears that some antivirus could flag the older versions of the indicators. This is no more an issue. The Trial version will be updated accordingly in the following days.
All the source code of the indicators will be published on our Github. It allows to see how they are coded to help people who wants to design their own custom indicators/strategies.
It will be very easy to design your own indicators/strategies with Visual Studio and NakedMarkets dedicated template projects. Video tutorials and Wiki documentation update will follow accordingly.
We spent significant amount of time on this API because it is the foundations of a next upcoming feature on the roadmap : import Metatrader indicator and strategies automatically.

- [Roadmap] Importing external data
We know that it was an awaited feature. It's now possible to import any external data.
Video tutorials and Wiki documentation update will follow accordingly as well but we can give you some infos to profit quickly from this feature.
It is a new tab in the Datacenter. You can import any file you want. NakedMarkets will automatically recognize Metatrader, TradingView and Forextester export data. For these data format, it will be in M1 format because these file format do not support tick data format.
You can import custom data format file with an interface allowing you to set the columns. We strongly advise you to import Tick data format as much as possible because the spread will be calculated. In M1 data, the spread will be static and you will lose accuracy during your backtests.

- [Roadmap] Add partial orders management window (viewtopic.php?t=28)
NakedMarkets now supports multiple take profits with partial closing orders. This can be seen in the order window, a new tab is available. You can set the number of TP, with the % of partial closing.
On a related topic, it's now possible to right click on a opened order to close partially an order, the % partial close or the lots number can be selected.

- [Feature requests] A new MACD indicator has been added (viewtopic.php?t=40)

- [Feature requests] A new Trading session indicator has been added(viewtopic.php?t=37). It's pretty simple and basic. Let us know if it's enough for your needs, it can be easily improved.

- [Feature requests] A new shortcut to display/hide closed orders on charts (viewtopic.php?t=42).
To profit from this new shortcut : you have to close NM (after the update installation), delete the "conf\settings.dat" file, and restart NM.

- [Feature requests] A new shortcut to delete all objects on charts (viewtopic.php?t=44).
To profit from this new shortcut : you have to close NM (after the update installation), delete the "conf\settings.dat" file, and restart NM. Since the shortcuts are saved in the settings files, it has to be deleted to create the new ones.

- [Bug notice] The horizontal line bug is now fixed (viewtopic.php?t=32)

- [Bug notice] The provided FT4 indicator is now working (viewtopic.php?t=30). But keep in mind that this indicator is bit bogus (use of undocumented functions). If needed, we can design a new proper indicator for that with the new API.

- [Bug notice] No more gaps for the stochastic indicator (viewtopic.php?t=38)

- Various bug fixes (mainly graphical and indicators bug)

Thanks for you patience and don't hesitate to tell us if you identify new bugs in new features. About the other feature requests, we will do our best to implement them in the next update, expected in the next 2 weeks. With the documentation and video tutorials.

[Quick Update] : fix for a bug in the order window which does not allow to have more than 10000 : viewtopic.php?t=68
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Re: [BIG] Update version 1.0.8332

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Great stuff! Thanks!
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Re: [BIG] Update version 1.0.8334

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Regarding "All the source code of the indicators will be published on our Github" - can you provide a link to your Github? I can't seem to find it.

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Re: [BIG] Update version 1.0.8334

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Yes, our Github with all the indicators source code is here : https://github.com/NakedMarkets/Indicators
The Wiki documentation about the API to design indicators yourself : https://www.naked-markets.com/Wiki/Indicators_API
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Re: [BIG] Update version 1.0.8334

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Thank you!
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