Update version 1.0.8359

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Update version 1.0.8359

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New update available, 1.0.8359, with the following modifications :
- Error fix for partial close orders (viewtopic.php?t=103)
- Bug fix related to lot size with special risk/SL value (viewtopic.php?p=217)
- 500 pips limit removal in the Pips Rule value (viewtopic.php?t=84)
- The graphical objects selected state is not changed when timeframe changed or drag to the left (viewtopic.php?t=74)

Simultaneously, the demo version has been modified to use properly the trading sessions indicator (viewtopic.php?t=104)

The roadmap has been updated accordingly to the latest feature requests and conversations on the forum.
Thanks for all of your suggestions to help improving NakedMarkets !
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