Update version 1.0.8740

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Update version 1.0.8740

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The new release is now available, it mainly adds few features and fixes few bugs.
Here is the changelog for this 1.0.8740 version :

- [Feature] GoTo function during backtesting. Several user requests on the forum.
It's possible to go to a specific time in the future to save time during backtest. There are 4 predefined times but the user can define his own hours if needed. It comes with a new option in the settings to activate or deactivate the execution of rule during the Go To jump in time, under the "Rules" tab.

- [Feature] Activate/Deactivate sync between step & timeframe in the settings. User request by email and on the forum.
In the settings, under the "Interface" tab, you can find a new option "Synchronize timestep when timeframe changes". If activated, it is the default behavior, the step will change automatically. If deactivated, it will stay to the current step value.

- [Feature] Add text on graphical objects, just like under TradingView . Several user requests on the forum.
The majority of graphical objects (trendline, rectangle, parallel channel, ...) can have now formatted text and aligned just like under TradingView,

- [Feature] The Text Label graphical objects support now multi-chart syncronization . User requests by email.

- [Feature] Modification of the width of the TradingView Crosshair . User request on the forum.

- [Feature] Add more points for Rectangle object, just like under TradingView . User request on the forum.

- [Feature] Deactivate automatic margin forward backtest under TradingView theme . User request on the forum.
Only under the TradingView theme, the alignment of bars during backtesting will behave just like TradingView when using Replay mode.

- [Feature] Include an option for the "Close partial order" rule to execute it only once . User request by email.
In order to profit from this feature, the "Close partial order" rule has to be dragged & dropped and save to be updated.

- [Feature] Option to deactivate the Floating Windows .
Modification added to avoid very specific bugs in the Window interface when creating new Windows. The user can now deactivate the floating windows in the settings, under the "Interface tab" (forum ref)

- [Feature] Restart backtest feature Improvement . User request on the [viewtopic.php?t=825]forum[/url].
Now, the restart backtest feature allows to change the starting date and the 2 backtest options in order to restart it quickly from the desired date.

- [Feature] [WEB] Interface to let the user reset his license key .
We developed a new web page in order to let the user reset his license key if needed, for computer reinstallation for example.
The user needs to provide his email (used during the purchase), the license key and the order ID. Then, the license key can be reused to install NM on any device. A FAQ page will be added. Here is the web page : https://www.naked-markets.com/index.php ... cense-key/

- [Bug fix] The RiskReward tool not being synced properly between charts in some cases. User report by email.

- [Bug fix] The Fibo extension tool not being synced properly between charts in some cases. User report by email.

- [Bug fix] The stat center not displaying the last month in some cases. User report on the forum.

Important Side-note :
As explained in the last update, few months ago, we encountered issue from one of our data providers. It looks like that some corrupted data has been present on very few installations, causing the backtests to lock, just like here.
In order to prevent any issue coming from this matter, this update will delete automatically the "Rates" folder in the data directory and download it again. The user doesn't need to do something but waiting for the download to finish.
Depending on your configuration, it's possible that the software tells you that he doesn't find any data, to fix this, you just have to set your folder data path in the settings, under the "Misc" tab.

Additional informations :
In the main folder, you will see 2 new DLLs files, called "StrategyInterfaceCSharp.dll" and "PinescriptInterface.dll". These files are the foundations of the next steps to convert automatically the MQL4 and Pinescript indicators and strategies. It's not yet activated but will be in the future.
It contains the Strategy C# API as well.
During this update, the most part of the work is not visible. Indeed, we spent a lot of time to create our own dedicated Testing Framework in order to catch and fix as many bugs as possible. This is still a work in progress but we are happy to use it in order to have the minimum amount of bugs in our software in the next releases.

[Edit] Update from 1.0.8721 to 1.0.8724 : It looks like the previous update triggered some issues on few installations. Indeed, the way the Setup rules were triggered has been changed and can behave differently depending on the .NET local configuration apparently. This tiny update should fix the issue.

[Edit] Update from 1.0.8724 to 1.0.8735 : Since this update is tiny, we did not create another dedicated post. This update brings a display of the floating PL in USD with the previous floating PL in percentage, from a user request by email. And it fixes a bug in some exit rules as well, reported by email and other minor stuff.

[Edit] Update from 1.0.8735 to 1.0.8740 : Like other updates, this one is tiny as well, so we did not create another dedicated post. This update fixes 2 bugs, described here and here.
And it adds the possibility to use negative numbers for Fibo retracement tool and Fibo extension tool (user request by email).
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Re: Update version 1.0.8735

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A good update all around.
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